Sadratel Production Factories

Production of wires and cables with Tak Cable Kerman brand


Production of raw materials

Self-sufficiency in the production of raw materials


Mass production

Possibility of mass production to meet market needs


Design and Implementation

Native design and execution of all products


Market competition

Competitive price and quality with imported samples

Why us?

Why choose us?

The highest quality at a reasonable price for the best execution of projects

The control steps along with all the relevant details are performed by the inspectors of the quality control unit with the subsets of low pressure laboratory, high pressure laboratory and calibration unit.

  • We Are Creative Team
  • Honest and Dependable
  • Quality Commitment
  • We Are Always Improving
چرا ما ؟

Who we are?

Meet our team members and our work places

Sadratel Ofogh Namdar Company is proud to offer all the products directly in addition to providing the company’s services so that customers can buy their goods in the best way, and has fulfilled its mission in developing the culture of using quality and standard goods. This complex has more than 10 years of brilliant experience in the electrical wire and cable industry. Sadratel customers can buy the products they need both through the phone numbers of the site and in person from sales agents. Information is in the contact us section.